Branded Virtual Tours

Level up your digital experience

Create a personalized and customizable tour, fully branded to your liking. Any and all impressions or users can experience and interact with your company as if they are physically there. Leave photos in the past and capture the attention of consumers like never before.

Main Features

Custom Logo - Imbed a high-quality logo on your tour and customize its positioning.

Multilingual - Change language's of the tour with a click of a button.

Snapshot Button - Capture images in the tour anywhere anytime

Custom Sound - Add sound to enhance the experience and adjust the volume.

Dreamsuite Tags - Add custom tags anywhere with images, videos, etc.

Custom Passwords - Create unlimited passwords with different time limits.

Personal Cover Image - Add a personal cover image to your tour starting point.

Google Analytics / Statistics - Capture tour analytics and/or connect to Google API

User Management - Use our Dreamsuite login and dashboard to edit on the go if required.


Have any questions?

We would be happy to assist with any and all questions you may have regarding our add-ons or packages. Please feel free to reach out to us via the following.

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